Safeguarding Your Yard from the Blazing Summer Sun
Summer's officially here, and with it, comes the scorching heat.

Don't want that summer sun killing your curb appeal? Here's how to protect your yard:
  • Keep your grass long. This will shade the ground and keep your grass healthier.
  • Mulch your trimmings to help your lawn stay cooler.
  • Water before dawn or after dusk. This keeps the moisture from evaporating in the sun.
  • Plant a few trees to add extra shade.
You should also limit how much you walk on the lawn in the summertime. Walking on it can break the grass and cause damage - especially when the weather is warm and dry.
Saving Money on Your Home Purchase
Buying a house can get expensive. Want to save cash where you can?
Here's how to do it:
  • Get multiple mortgage loan quotes. Because rates and terms vary greatly from lender to lender, getting several quotes could save you thousands, especially through an independent licensed mortgage professional.
  • Shop around for other services, too. Compare quotes for appraisers, home inspectors, surveyors, and other vendors you'll need, and make sure you get the best deal.
  • Improve your credit score first. The better your credit score is, the more favorable loan terms you'll get (and the more you'll save).
You can also save money by avoiding mortgage insurance, which is required on all CMHC loans.
How Much is Your Home Worth?
Considering selling your house? Or perhaps you're merely curious to see what selling price you might get?

Here's how to gauge it:
  • "Comparable sales." Look at recent sales in your neighborhood - particularly on homes of a similar size and condition to yours. I can help you get that data.
  • "Check out existing listings." Although these homes are not yet sold, they can still give you an idea of what your competition is asking for similar homes in your area.
  • Get it appraised. For a few hundred dollars, a professional appraiser can tell you your home's worth.
An experienced local real estate agent can also help you gauge how much you might fetch for your home in today's market.
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