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Mistakes That Can Derail Your Mortgage App
A pre-approval isn't a guarantee you'll get that mortgage loan.

Want to keep your mortgage application on track?

Avoid these mistakes:

* Big purchases. Making a major purchase just ahead of buying a home can send up a serious red flag.

* New credit cards. These require hard credit pulls and can lower your credit score. They also mean more debt, which can cause lenders to worry.

* Late payments. Falling behind on credit card and loan payments can send your credit score down (and your chances of getting a loan with it).

Changes in your employment can also derail your mortgage application, so avoid any job changes just before buying a house.
The Best Month to Buy a House

Did you know we're quickly approaching the best month to buy a house? According to data, homebuyers save the most by buying a home in December.All real estate is local so I can help you understand your local market but in some cases, buyers can pay up to 5% below listed price in some neighborhoods, months or categories.Buyers pay the biggest premiums by purchasing in the summertime. Buying in June means spending about 7% more than market value.

How to Get the Best Black Friday Deals

Want to save big this holiday season?

Black Friday is the day to do it.

Here's how to get the best deals on the year's biggest shopping day:

* Start early. Many stores start offering deals days or even weeks ahead of Black Friday.

* Sign up for your favorite retailers' email lists. It might get you extra savings (or at least alert you to big deals).

* Preload your payment info. A lot of Black Friday deals are limited, and you don't want to lose out by taking too long during checkout.

You can also sign up for store-specific rewards cards to get even steeper discounts.

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